An Interview with Gold

As a shy post-80, Bo Xingjun is now already the senior engineer of the Production Department of Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. And has won the Labor Day Honorary Title from Xiamen Municipal Government for his outstanding work. Though still very young, Bo Xingjun has been working for Golden Dragon for fourteen years. As an electric welder, Bo’s main job is to weld square pipes and iron sheet. 

                                                                                            Golden Dragon’s Seninor Technician Bo Xingjun
“Being a good welder is not easy,” says Bo. First, the temperature at the welding pistol is usually as high as 3,000℃. Clothed in masks, gloves, protective suits and specially made shoes, welders are usually covered with scars on their arms due the spark burns. In summer, the situation would be worse. Despite the scorching heat, they still need to wear the thick protective suits. In order to do their job well, they have to constantly change their body posture.
“When I entered Golden Dragon in my early twenties, I often thought that I would give up. However, I know very well that welding is such a highly sought after skill and I kept on and tried my best to do my job well,” revealed Bo. As his work directly concerns the safety of many passengers, Bo has always been well aware of the heavy responsibilities on his shoulder.
Welding work is not only physically demanding but it also requires intelligence and good coordination between worker’s hands and eyes. Every slight move is made with great care and discretion, according to Bo. 
With his hard work and peseverance, Bo has soon grown into one of the leading technicians in Golden Dragon. In 2013, He took part in the Second Xiamen Engineering Machinery Industry Skill Competition and won the championship. “Anytime when we encounter some difficult tasks, Bo Xingjun is always the first person that we can turn to for help,” says Chen Weizhen, one of the colleagues of Bo Xingjun.
In 2014, Golden Dragon received a major order from Iran. To fulfill the tasks set by Iranian customers, welders at Golden Dragon must master a new welding technique. At such a critical moment, Bo together with his team raced against time and succeeded in gain full knowledge of the new technique in just one week. “We consulted our countrparts from both home and abroad and we even forgot to eat during that week. We just want to succeed”, says Bo. In one week, Bo and his team’s work passed SGS International Welding Certification. This finally helped Golden Dragon secure the deal from Iran.
In latter half of 2014, Golden Dragon officially set up its Training Center, aiming to improve the overall competence of its technicians. Bo was appointed as the trainer. “To be a skillful welder, workers need a lot of on-site experience and practice. They also need to feel the whole welding process with their heart,” says Bo.
When asked about his future dream, Bo plans to master all types welding work. “I have long fallen in love with my job and I want to do it well. I am preparing for the exams for the State Certified Welders. It is not easy, but I am trying all my best,” Bo says confidently.