On November 4 to 6, the sixth China (Macau) International Auto Expo was held at Venice Golden Exhibition Center. Over 100 auto brands from 20 countries and regions attended this year’s exhibition. Over 400 brand new vehicles brought on display fully showcased the latest technological advances of these exhibitors. 3,000-plus professionals from auto industry, including those from Portugal and Brazil, flew to Macau to make purchases and seek business opportunities. Having been held for six consecutive years, Macau Auto Expo has now become one of the most high-profile auto shows in Pan-Pearl-River Delta Economic Circle.

As a leading bus maker in China, Golden Dragon brought its New Splendor XML6907JHEV hybrid bus and D8 electric bus on display, with a number of eye-catching features particularly designed for Macau market.

                                                  Golden Dragon New Splendor XML6907JHEV hybrid bus

New Splendor XML6907JHEV hybrid bus, as a luxury plug-in hybrid mid coach, well combines a uniquely attractive exterior design with an elegant interior layout. It also features a high level of energy efficiency, a high safety standards, a host of travel comforts for passengers and a high environmental friendliness. The vehicle is equipped with the latest ISG co-axle direct driving parallel connection system, helping it achieve higher reliability, adaptability and fuel economy. With a monocoque body structure, the bus has passed EU ECER66 side rollover test. Inside the vehicle, its leather seats, NVH technology, state-of-art ventilation system, WIFI, and individual USB ports all promise an unforgettable journey for all passengers.
D8 is built on the success of Big Minibus rolled out by Golden Dragon. With new energy driveline, the vehicle is measuring 8-meters in length and 2.28-meters in width. In addition, its front and rear suspensions have become much closer in length. Its widened wheelbase has further improved the overall stability of the vehicle. The number of its seats has increased to 33+1 from 23 mounted on the 7-meter Minibus. The D8 for public transport is even able to load 44 passengers at its maximum. One of the biggest highlights of D8 is its electric system, which features All-in-One integrated controller. With a smaller size, the controller has tremendously improved the overall reliability of the vehicle.

                                                                               Golden Dragon D8 electric bus

As one of the leading bus makers in China, Golden Dragon has always been attaching paramount importance to its business expansion in the overseas market. 2016 Macau Auto Show provided a new platform for customers, especially those from abroad, to gain a deeper understanding of highly competitive new energy buses made by Golden Dragon from China.