Golden Dragon Will Bri

From March 30 to April 1, 2017 Tianjin International Passenger Transportation Equipment & Technologies Exhibition, also known as Tianjin Bus Exhibition will be held at Meijiang Exhibition Center.

It is revealed that Golden Dragon will bring three vehicle models on display, including its Super D8, a new generation 7-meter Kast and Chuanliu city bus.

Built on the success of its classic seven-meter Coaster, Golden Dragon Super D8, also known as XML6809 electric bus, is measuring 8 meters in length and 2.28 meter in width. With a maximum loading capacity of 33+1 passengers, the vehicle has successfully cut its weight by four tons. Plus, it achieves high energy efficiency and helps its customers cut purchasing and operation costs. Since its debut six months ago, Super D8’s sales volume has reached 1,600 units and it has made its presence in 69 cities across China.
                                                                                                         Golden Dragon Super D8
The new generation seven-meter Coaster is fueled by gasoline. It is equipped with V8 engine made by GM and an automatic gearbox made by ZF. Delivering powerful performances and generating little noises, the vehicle can not only be put into service for passenger transportation, but also for special services, like military use.
                                                                                                                       Golden Dragon Chuanliu city bus
Golden Dragon Chuanliu city bus is specially designed for urban areas in modern cities. With a more streamlined body structure and a larger passenger loading capacity, Chuanliu city bus immediately inspires awe and offers passengers with more travel comforts and travel conveniences.