Golden Dragon Achieved

In 2016, Golden Dragon delivered impressive performances in its overseas expansion thanks to its hard efforts made in product development, marketing and after-sales services. In response to the central government’s call for high craftsmanship, Golden Dragon has contributed its own bit in projecting an increasingly stronger and more trustworthy image of brands from China.

                                                                Golden Dragon Buses Took the Lead in Israeli Market
                                   Golden Dragon Holds a Press Conference for the Release of its New Vehicle in Israel

In June, 2016, Golden Dragon released several new bus models in Israel, including high-end travel coaches, inter-city buses, and city buses. All these vehicles are tailor-made for Israeli market after thorough researches of the local operation and weather conditions. To mark the historical moment, the bus maker held a special press conference at Tel Aviv Exhibition Center, attracting over 800 visitors.
As early as 2011, Golden Dragon started business contacts with Auto Chen, an Israeli auto distributor. Not long after, Dan Public Transportation Corporation (hereafter referred to as Dan), the second largest bus operator in Israel, became a customer of Golden Dragon. With high quality, high reliability, unparalleled services, Golden Dragon bus fleet with Euro VI emission standards soon won the recognition and favor of Dan. After the success of their initial cooperation, Dan later placed several major orders on Golden Dragon, including 177 units Golden Dragon buses with Euro VI emission standards, and 137 units buses with Euro VI emission standards. In 2015, Golden Dragon exported its 50,000th unit bus to Israel, marking a new milestone in the bus maker’s overseas expansion.
At the end of 2016, the number of one type of Golden Dragon city bus with Euro VI emission standards reached 420 units, helping the bus maker to win Israel Star at the 11th China Buses Major Influence Awarding Ceremony.
Apart from exporting traditionally fueled buses, Golden Dragon has also accumulated rich experience in developing and marketing new energy buses, providing a wide range of services for its customers in Israel, such as infrastructure construction, vehicle selection consulting, vehicle arrangements and operation distance planning.

                                          Golden Dragon Continued to Strengthen its Presence in Africa Market

In 2016, Golden Dragon continued to strengthen its presence in a number of countries in Africa, such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, and C?te d'ivoire. In total, over 2,000 units Golden Dragon buses have arrived in Africa, accounting for 16% of the overall bus fleet working on the continent. In addition, Golden Dragon ranked the second among all Chinese bus brands in the African market.
In Egypt, Golden Dragon has surpassed Toyota in the local light bus market, becoming the leading brand.
In Tanzania, Golden Dragon has helped the country to build and operate the continent’s second BRT bus route. In July, 2016, Tanzanian government held BRT Promotional Week, encouraging all people to choose BRT service for travel. During the week, people in Tanzania can take BRT for free, attracting millions of people. Samia Suluhu Hassan, Vice President of Tanzania and a number of cabinet members also took rides on Golden Dragon buses which have been put into service on the BRT lines.
In Mauritius, Golden Dragon has been playing an increasingly important role in upgrading the local public transport system and more Golden Dragon new energy buses are making travels greener and more convenient for local people. In September, 2016, a batch of Golden Dragon double-deckers appeared at Port Luis, the capital of the country. Their arrival has greatly improved the local public transportation system, providing great convenience to the local people.
                                                                 Golden Dragon Kept a Strong Foothold in Syria 
Despite the political turmoil in recent years in Syria, Golden Dragon remained to keep a strong foothold in the country. In 2015, 100 units Golden Dragon buses were delivered to Syria, becoming the pillar of the local transportation system for the war-torn country. Undeterred by the dangers in the country, Golden Dragon sent some technicians to help its customers and supplied spare parts timely to meet their needs.

                                                                               Golden Dragon Shone in Myanmar

In September, 2016, a total number of 11 units Golden Dragon Triumph luxury coaches arrived in Myanmar. To suit local people’s preference for bright colors, all the Golden Dragon vehicles are coated with elaborate designs. After just one week of their smooth operation, Myanmar customer placed another order of 15 units buses on Golden Dragon. Two weeks later, another six Golden Dragon buses were ordered by Myanmar customer.

“Our (Golden Dragon) expansion in Myanmar has not been a smooth sailing”, says Zheng Pingjie, Golden Dragon’s Chief Director in Southeast Asian market. When Golden Dragon first entered Myanmar in 2012, it chiefly focused on the low-end market, which adversely affected its continued growth in the market.
Starting from 2013, Golden Dragon made a host of changes in its marketing strategies in the country. In addition, more colorful designs, improved power performances and higher stability have been made available for Golden Dragon buses marketed on Myanmar market. Thanks to such changes, over 20 units Triumph luxury coaches were shipped to Myanmar in February, 2017.