Zhengro Joins Hands wi

In 2016, Zhengro Group, whose business covers culture, real estate, catering, etc., officially announced its plan to enter the new energy bus rental market in Beijing. Soon, it set up Zhengro Automotive Rental Co., Ltd. In just a short period of time, the company has expanded its new energy vehicles to 70 units, including Golden Dragon D8 electric coaches. 

 Golden Dragon D8 Electric Coaches
Liu Jie, the General Manager of Zhengro Automotive Rental Co., Ltd., reveals that the company was established to provide commuting services for employees and transport services for weekend travels. Faced with cutthroat competition in the capital’s vehicle rental service market, Zhengro decided to go green instead of introducing fossil fueled vehicles. In September, 2016, Zhengro officially introduced 20 units D8 electric coaches made by Golden Dragon.

Zhengro Automotive Rental Co., Ltd.
Built on the huge success of Kast, D8 boasts an awe-inspiring appearance and achieves much higher environmental friendliness. After going through several rounds of upgrading, D8 not only provides more spacious room for passengers, but also more travel amenities for them.

Liu Jie, the General Manager of Zhengro Automotive Rental Co., Ltd.
“We are extremely confident in Golden Dragon and its vehicles’ performance”, says Liu Jie. As one of the fist product of Golden Dragon, D8 is technically superior to its counterparts in the market and thus is gaining rising popularity among customers. Statistics show that D8 is able to help Zhengro cut operating costs by over 30% each month, making it an ideal choice for commuting services in urban areas.