Golden Dragon Double-d

Recently, a Golden Dragon double-deckers was officially delivered to RHT Bus Services Ltd., which is based in Mauritius. Sinatambou Etienne, Minister of Mauritius Ministry of Technological Innovation and Information, Xie Yajing, Business Counselor of Chinese Embassy to Mauritius, and a number of high-ranking officials from Mauritian government attended the delivery ceremony. While delivering a keynote speech, Mr. SINATAMBOU Etienne spoke highly of the performance, appearance and interior decorations of Golden Dragon bus fleet.

                                                            Golden Dragon Double-Decker Delivered to Mauritius

The double-decker was tailor-made for Mauritius, a country with its economy largely supported by tourism industry. Equipped with Euro III engine, automatic gearbox, air suspension, latest air-conditioning system, station broadcasting system, Golden Dragon is the first bus brand to have its double-deckers settle in the island country.

                                                                  Double-Decker tailor-made for Mauritius

From January to September this year, a total number of 68 units Golden Dragon 12-meter buses have been put on the road in Mauritius, becoming the mainstream bus brand in the country. With competitive fuel economy, attractive prices and more fashionable designs, Golden Dragon has already won the hearts of both bus operators and passengers.

According to the bus maker, it officially entered Mauritian market in 2008. By carefully researching the local market, visiting customers, and assisting bus operators to solve their pressing problems, Golden Dragon has gradually won the trust of local customers. At the end of 2015, it succeeded in securing a deal for one unit double-decker and for two units 12-meter sample city buses. In May this year, it again won a deal for 66 units 12-meter city buses. As of September this year, a total number of 88 units Golden Dragon buses had been put into service in Mauritian public transport system. This year alone, the bus maker’s sales volume in the country stood at 72 units, making a historical breakthrough among all bus brands from China. 


                                        Golden Dragon technicians was conducting a driver trainning in Mauritius

Currently, Mauritius bus market is dominated by five bus operators, namely National Transport Corporation (NTC), United Bus Service Ltd. (UBS), Triolet Bus Service Ltd. (TBS), RHT Bus Services Ltd. (RHT), and Mauritian Bus Transport (MBT). Now, the bus making is actively involved in strengthening its presence in the country and developing new customers. While providing all-around after-sales services, Golden Dragon has also sent its technicians to stay in the country, giving round-the-clock assistance to local bus operators. Now, many bus drivers have become extremely skillful in maneuvering Golden Dragon buses.

                               Technicians from Golden Dragon are tutoring drivers in maneuvering buses in Mauritius