Golden Dragon “Victory Cup” After-sales Service Competition

From December 24-26, 2013, Golden Dragon hosts a “Victory Cup” After-sales Service Competition in Shenyang. The competition aims to motivate service staff in northeast area to learn more professional knowledge so as to improve the service level and make good preparation for the coming “Spring Festival” holidays through setting an excellent model in after-sales

The 3-day competition (Shenyang station) attracts 28 electrical maintenance masters gather together to show their own skills. They are from Golden Dragon’s authorized service stations in Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Heilongjiang. The competition includes tests on theory and actual practice, covering all contents of Golden Dragon’s after-sales service policies, basic knowledge of electric circuit, clearing of vehicle faults, aiming to check these staff’s daily experience, fault judgment and ability to draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

After fierce competition, Mr. Zhao Guo from Changchun Pengan Automotive Sales Company takes the lead owing to outstanding maintenance & repair skills and rich knowledge. He will then come to the final competition held in Xiamen together with five contestants who rank after him, namely Hu Hongning, Yang Yanfei, Ji Zhijiang, Wang Le and Wang Yanming. When interviewed, champion Zhao Guo says excitedly that “during the training, engineers from Golden Dragon explain the electric circuit elaborately by use of miniatures, enabling us to understand the new technology in a more direct way. Through the competition, we can bear all the contents learned in this training in mind. It will be of great help in our future work”. He also tells the journalist that he is very appreciated to have this opportunity to learn knowledge provided by Golden Dragon and he will share the knowledge learned without any reservation to his colleagues in Pengan service station in order to improve the service level.

As the after-sales service plays a bigger and bigger role in the marketing of buses, the way to improve service level through competition will work more efficiently. It will be a mainstream way to replace the role of practice in future training. Despite good training system and strict rules on competition are effective to spur service staff to study maintenance and repair skills and improve service level, the training through competition is more practical and useful. What is most valuable is to provide the after-sales service with high quality, which is also the only and persistent goal of Golden Dragon.