164 Units Golden Drago

At the start of 2016, Lhasa Public Transport Group invited public biddings for buses. Golden Dragon successfully the bid for providing 164 units vehicles, including XML6807  buses and 38 units XML6722 large-sized KAST, both of which are especially tailored for its customers in Tibet. The whole bus fleet is expected to arrive in Lhasa before March this year and will be put into use at various tourist attractions in the autonomous region.

Tibet has long been nicknamed as the roof of the world. Due to its high altitude with some areas exceeding 5,000 meters high, the temperature in the region can sometimes drop to minus 40 degrees. To meet such challenging weather conditions, Golden Dragon developed a special engine which has a startup preheating device and a fuel heating system. Thanks to these advanced technologies, the smooth and safe operation of Golden Dragon vehicles can be fully guaranteed on the plateau.


      Golden Dragon XML6807

The complex geographic formations on Tibetan plateau also pose another challenge to road passenger transportation. Due to the fact that the steep slopes and sharp bends are commonly seen in this region, Golden Dragon has raised the height of the chassis to the floor and increased the braking pressure to 12 kilograms. Also, the high-performance retarder, ABS, anti-side-sliding system, tire-pressure monitoring system and tire puncture emergency device provide extra safety measures to ensure the safety of every passenger.


        Golden Dragon XML6722 large-sized KAST

On board of Golden Dragon buses, passengers can easily find USB port and have access to WIFI, entertainment systems, and oxygen supply system.
Along with the improvement of road conditions in Tibet in recent two decades, the region has been witnessing a rocketing number of visitors. In earlier days, the passenger transportation market in Tibet was dominated by Toyota, Mitsubishi and other foreign brands. Back in 2003 and 2006, Golden Dragon managed to put its buses on the roads in Tibet. In 2011, the bus maker rolled out a package of vehicle standards just for Tibet. With its highly reliable products in public transportation and tourist transportation sectors, as well as its sound service network, well-equipped inventories, and a number of exclusive service stations, Golden Dragon bus fleet has long been playing a significant role in the transportation market in Tibet.